Mould Design and Manufacturing

A rationalised company structure, the adoption of strict testing methods and a company philosophy aimed at constant technological updating allow for the high standards of quality which distinguish Mascarin Stampi. This results in the manufacturing of high-quality moulds with observance of delivery times, with ever-more rapid production in accordance with global market dynamics. The company, which has a workload of 80.000 hours per annum, makes widespread use for data management and transfer between the R&D department, the workshop and the testing department. In the workshop dedicated


to the casting of moulds, production is programmed by specialised technicians by means of the most advanced CAD/CAM equipment, and the centre is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations: high-speed milling cutters, spark erosion machinery  and wire spark erosion machinery. Once moulds are ready, they are tested and sent to a special department of Mascarin Stampi for production, a department which is equipped with injection moulding presses for inspection procedures. All company departments and processes comply with the quality management system under UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.